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Water chillers


Plastic industry
1. water chillers for cooling
• moulds and hydraulic systems of injection moulding machines
• blow moulding machines
• extrusion blow moulding machinespipe extrusion units
• film blowing units
• continuous casting systems for sections
2. product cooling systems

Galvanization industry
water-cooled systems for bath cooling

Chemical industry
cooling systems of all types for columns and vessels
• air-cooled systems for product cooling

Food industry
• air and water-cooled systems for products of all types

Steel processing industry
condensation cooling units for washing and cleaning systems

All industrial sectors
cooling systems for
machinery e.g. electric welding machines
• lasers
• mill machines
• ball mills

Product range
1. Air-cooled chillers, packaged units
2. Air-cooled water chillers, split-system type
3. Water-cooled water chillers, packaged type

Water chillers for cooling production systems, packaged or split-system type

Rated cooling capacity 2 to 180 kW:
in series production, available at short notice

Rated cooling capacity, 180 to 700 kW:
available to order